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kristen was born in california, moved to washington soon after and hasn't left since. she is now a photographer and stay-at-home mom to her four-year-old daughter and had her rainbow baby in august 2019 after losing her second baby in august 2018. while she could only wish that this was never a common ground to come together, community was her biggest advocate during her loss and can only hope to give the same to others.



sydelle, a washingtonian since birth, is a pediatric nurse and wife to a husband in law enforcement. she is the mom to bostyn evearly who was stillborn on february 13, 2019- 2 weeks before her due date. she lost her first baby to miscarriage in april 2018 and her third to miscarriage after bostyn. she was finally able to bring home paxtyn rae in april 2020 and lawson jett in december 2021.. being a mom of extreme loss she searched for an outlet, and to see other women’s stories. since losing bostyn, she has wanted to help; help other women in this path of grief that is seemingly impossible to navigate alongside herself, and to find their why again.



corrina is a born and raised pacific northwesterner. she is the mother to two small children. although her journey to motherhood does not include loss, she has seen some of her closest friends lose babies. she has seen their heartache and tears and their bravery and courage to continue on. these women are the reason for her involvement in baby steps foundation. together we hope to develop a community of women so no one person has to walk through infant loss alone. 



samantha is a mother to an amazing rainbow baby girl named vienna. she lost her first baby boy, greyson, at 20 weeks in 2015 due to health issues she was unaware of. 2016 brought the loss of her second baby boy, kellan, at 22 weeks due to the same issues. finally in 2017, she welcomed her daughter at 27 weeks, who then spent  120 days in the UW NICU but is the best thing to happen to her and her husband. sam is not allowed to have any more babies but is so grateful for her miracle baby and so happy to be a part of baby steps to help other women and families know there is life after loss. 

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