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Emily's Story

Thank you, Emily, for sharing the story of your sweet baby Rylynn with us and everyone else. There's always someone that can relate to a story that might help that not feel so alone in their journey.

When my fiancé and I found out us trying for our baby girl was actually successful, we went to the ground and cried. We were so happy. We went to every appointment, she was as healthy as she could be. I did everything right to taking vitamins, to making sure I didn’t stress a lot.

I got halfway through my pregnancy which was 20 weeks. I was having uncomfortable pains and I tried to tell to tell my fiancé that maybe I was going into labor and he didn’t believe me.

Eventually my water broke that same night, and I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I just had the thought in my mind that maybe there’s a chance she would survive because she is strong. We went to the hospital, and the doctor checked me and told him and I that there was nothing that we or they could do. They told us that she is unfortunately going to be a stillborn. We did nothing but hope and pray that she would be alive. They had to dilate me, and I gave birth to Rylynn Grace at 4:25 AM on March 14th 2019.

We had her nursery ready. We had bottles washed, I had freezer bags for my milk since I would of been breast feeding. I had everything ready.

We do a candle lighting every month on the 14th now to remember our baby girl. We also got her cremated, we carry around her ashes everyday in necklaces. The rest of her ashes are in a shadow box with some of her clothes and her heart beat bunny.

It’s hard losing a child, and I honestly thought it wasn’t as common until I joined a couple of groups on social media. Everyone handles grief differently, and somethings don’t help others as much as it helps you. Find something that helps you and remember rainbow babies are coming! Don’t give up.

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